April 24th 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who donated via JustGiving to make our trip to Bethlem's Museum of the Mind so special - everyone took part in a charcoal drawing workshop and got to meet artist Xavier White whose imaginative vision of the future (with a special building for holding raves) was utterly fascinating. A really, really special day. Some of the people who came on the trip had phobias around travelling but were brave enough to come on the 5 hour round trip in order to take part. One woman who could not stay in the room during our first art session due to her high levels of anxiety ended up organising us all on our journey home by looking up the train timetable and speaking to a guard - a major accomplishment for her. It was a life changing experience for us all and I myself felt deeply humbled and grateful to witness such an important step on the group's recovery journey.